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Update on Defective eBooks

Update on Defective eBooks
August 10, 2010

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony Library, and Kobo are all selling the new, proofread ebook versions of the Ender books. Anyone who bought a defective copy can simply re-download the book, and get the new version when they do.

If you bought the Apple version, you should be getting a letter from Apple giving you instructions on how to download the new version.

We would love to have you post your comments on the forum regarding your experience replacing the defective books. We appreciate your patience.

Previous Announcement
July 14, 2010

We have been made aware of several problems with the newly-released eBooks of Ender's Game, Speaker for the Dead, and several other OSC titles. Tor is aware of the problem and would like to apologize and let you know that steps are being taken to correct the files as soon as possible, beginning with Ender's Game. Therefore, we suggest that you wait to purchase any OSC eBooks until we can get these problems resolved. We'll do our best to update our website as the corrected titles become available.

People who purchased the defective ebooks will be contacted by the vendor with instructions for downloading the corrected version.


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