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Books By Orson Scott Card - Wyrms


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I t is an alien sphere, but one controlled by Man for millennia. A legend as old as the stars rules this world: when the seventh seventh seventh human Heptarch is crowned, he will be the Kristos and will bring eternal salvation... or the destruction of the cosmos.

Patience is the only daughter of the rightful Heptarch, but she, like her father before her, serves the usurper who has destroyed her family. For she has learned the true ruler's honor: that duty to one's race is more important than duty to one's self.

But the time for prudence has passed, and that which has slept for ages has awakened. And Patience must journey to the heartsoul of this planet to confront her destiny... and the world's.

"Hidden in the body of this fast-paced heroic adventure is a very very wise story. Card gives us a quest that we can think about long after the covers of the book are closed."
      -- Jane Yolen

Copyright © 1987 Orson Scott Card

A Tor Book - Published by Tom Doherty Associates, Inc.
Cover Art by Dennis Nolan - Book Designed by Sheree L. Goodman


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