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My question is about Xenocide's Gloriously Bright and her faith.

GB starts out with a pseudo-Buddhist faith, with no reason to question it. As the story progresses, her father discovers the truth and abandons belief in the gods -- GB doesn't. In fact, she constructs a series of arguments that have a certain logic to them (at least barring close examination). GB has what I would call "blind faith," as opposed to "unshakeable faith."

So my point . . . how do you know your own faith (which I have seen you competently defend on Beliefnet) is of the unshakeable variety, instead of blind?

-- Submitted by Mike Coutu

OSC REPLIES: - November 30, 2001

When you really live by your faith, it is constantly tested against reality. If, along with your faith, you also maintain a healthy skepticism about your own understanding of religion, you are able constantly to check your beliefs against reality. True religion stands up to the test. When you have to ignore reality in order to maintain your belief system, then you've passed from rational faith to blind faith, and you're on dangerous ground.

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