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Orson Scott Card's trip to Jakarta, Indonesia

Stories from students at Jakarta International School

The Magic Bunny From K Mart

by Danny Marsh

"Abra Cadabra Ale Cuzu I now make you a magic bunny." Dr. Evil was casting a spell one of his test bunnies so that when it was sent off to be packaged up and sold as a magic bunny then a person who used the magic would have to pay the price. The price was that when you used the magic you would lose a part of your body and it would be replaced with a part of the bunny's body.

"Attention all K Mart shoppers. Magic bunny's are on sale for $9.99," the PA system in K Mart rang.

"Ohhh ohhh Mom can I get one huh, huh?" little Billy called out to his mom.


"Come on, Mom."

"Oh all right but you're paying for it."

"Yahhh!" Little Billy quickly ran over to the magic bunny and picked the box up carefully and brought it straight to the check-out counter. The lady at the counter said, "Hi. Welcome to K Mart home of the K Mart's. May I take your order?" in a little claque voice.

Billy looked straight up and said, "Umm one magic bunny," and he put it on the counter.

The lady picked it up and ran it through the scanner and little Billy watched in amazement for this was his first time to see that happen. As he was staring the lady yaps out, "$9.99 please."

Billy reached in his pocket and pulled out a ten dollar bill and gave it to the lady and the lady did some funny things with the cash register and then gave him a penny back and the magic bunny. Billy ran home and ripped it open and without reading the fine print he was getting ready to make a wish and when doing this his dog Bruno walked in. Bruno jumped up on him so little Billy said, "Down Bruno, down."

Bruno obeyed and jumped down. Now that Bruno was settled down Billy was going to make his first wish, not knowing that when he makes a wish a part of his body is replaced with the same part of the animal nearest to him. Billy was going to make his wish so he closed his eyes and thought very hard and said out loud, "I wish for $1,000,000."

All the sudden $1,000,000 popped on his bed and also his dog had his left arm and he had the dog's front left paw. The even worst thing was that when he moved his arm the dog's arm on him did nothing but his arm on the dog moved. Billy was scared at first but when he thought of it he thought it was cool. He soon began thinking of all the things he could do. He could get his dog to sneak behind some one and pick pocket them, or punch them, or trip them. He could also get Bruno to go in a store and steal candy.

Billy then thought of the situation on the negative side. He thought what would all me friends think when they see me with my dog's arm. Even worse what would his Mom think. Billy thought his life was ruined so the next thought that popped into his little brain was to look at the box.

Billy dove for the box; he skimmed through it until he found what he was looking for and in small letters it said, "The person who is to make any wish with the Magic Bunny product will have a body part exchanged for the same body part of the nearest animal to him or her."

Billy then read own and it got worse the fine print then said, "The body part that is exchanged will move on the animal that you have switched with when you move that body part and the body part of the animal you have switched with will only move when the animal moves it." Then it said, "The only way to get the body part you have lost is to find the animal and take the animal and yourself to Dr. Evil and pay a fee of ten thousand US dollars."

Now little Billy was not too bright but he realized that every wish made will sacrifice one part of his body. Well what if you wished for one million wishes that will not take a part of his body away then he make the wish lose his other arm and then wish with one of his wishes that do nothing and wish both his arm's back. Billy tried it and it worked so he then wished for infinity wishes with no side effect. Billy and his parents then lived like kings for the rest of their life.


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