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Orson Scott Card's trip to Jakarta, Indonesia

Stories from students at Jakarta International School

Diane Saw

"You know life can be a lie," said a tall and gentle guy called Michael Correct.

"Huh? What do you mean by that?" asked a blonde and graceful girl called Elizabeth Manhaton.

"What I meant was love is a lie. I don't know how people can think of love being the best thing in the world! I think love is a peace of junk!"

"Mike! Stop being so self-centered! You're just saying that because you went out with a sixteen year old girl!"

"That's not true! I didn't like going out with Carla!"

"You're being a fool. Carla has always been a maniac and you know that!"

"Liz, stop acting like my mum! Doesn't mean that you're my best friend that you have to fool or mess with my mind!"

"You know that's not true! I'm just giving you true facts. I'm sorry, but I knew from the beginning, well not only me, but a lot of people thought that you wouldn't suite going out with a sixteen-year-old! She's a sophomore!"

"Age doesn't matter, Liz!"

"Well if you were going to go out with a sophomore shouldn't you be the sophomore?"

"I TOLD YOU AGE DOESN'T MATTER! If you're going to bug me about this why don't you just leave!"

"Fine I will! Do you know you are extremely selfish? You won't listen to what I'm trying to tell you! All this time I was wasting my time, I don't know why I put up with you?"

"You're my best friend!"

"Yes I know that! You just don't -- never mind."

The next thing Michael heard was the bang of his door, then the hard bang of the front door. Mike knew that Liz was mad at him, but for what reason? He didn't do anything to hurt her feelings. Mike sighed and went down the stairs to the kitchen. While going down the stairs Mike bumped into Scarlet, the attractive sophomore he used to date.

"Hey Mike! Long time no see."

"Hey, yeah haven't seen you in a while too."

"Maybe because you haven't asked if you wanted me to do your homework!"

"Big deal. Well for me it isn't!"

"For me it is! My life is completely boring without doing your homework! You have like the hardest homework stuff to do!"

"No I don't!"

"Oh woops! That's your brother. Speaking of your brother where is he?"

"Where else but his room."

"Thanx! See you around."

"Same to you."

Mike sighed. He didn't like the idea of Scarlet using him for his brother. He hates his brother. All he'd do is watch TV, bully Mike, yell, blame stuff on Mike and get in trouble. The only reasons why Mike's brother Daren is going out with Scarlet is:

1: She's a hot chick

2: She's a sophomore

3: She'll do his homework

4: The reward of doing his homework is a kiss

5: He loves getting his friend jealous

6: He gets more attention

Daren doesn't really like Scarlet. Mike would always ask Daren, "Why are you going out with her if you don't even like you."

Daren's reply will always be, "She's a major hot chick! I don't like her because, what spoils her hot bod is her brain. It's too nerdy, and she thinks things over twice. Besides mum said I better get good grades and YEAH! I'm getting straight A's!"

Mike's reply would be "Daren you're cheating!"

"Mind your own business!! She's not your girlfriend anymore!"

"Well she might not be my girlfriend anymore, but at least I have a softer heart than yours!"

"Oh then how come she used you for me?"

"Well --" Mike stopped; he couldn't think of anything.

"Well what?"

Mike started to sob. Mike felt as if he was stabbed right in the heart. He was hurt emotionally.

"Look, it's not like you haven't cheated in your life! I mean you have asked her to do your homework. I bet you'd be glad! Some else doing your homework with the best reward you can get!"

Mike stopped sobbing and later on he cleared his mind and told himself to leave Scarlet and Daren alone. It wasn't any of his business. He was just happy to hear Scarlet and Daren laughing.


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