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Orson Scott Card's trip to Jakarta, Indonesia

Stories from students at Jakarta International School

Homework Girl

by Jessica Kline

"Quinn I can't believe you! I've liked you all this time and you pretended to like me back and now you come to ask me to do your homework! I've learned my lesson that liking a small immature seventh grade is worthless, you'll never learn! Just get out go, go and flirt with little eight graders instead of a beautiful 16 year old!"

Fibei was totally insulted to think such a hot guy wouldn't fall for such a beautiful girl like herself!

Yes as we all know Fibei is extremely full of herself and thinks she can get any guy she wants, I mean any guy but as we know she can't. Fibei was walking home from school that day feeling so cool and on top of this world because she yelled at a little seventh grade. As she was walking she came across a guy who was also walking home from school, supposedly he just moved in yesterday and only a few blocks from her house. Then Fibei started to say to herself, "Boy is that guy hot, he looks like a twelfth grader. I'm gonna go over their and talk to him, I mean I would really show that little immure seventh grader and everyone else if I came to school tomorrow with a totally hot new twelfth grader."

So that's just what she went and did! Fibei started talking to him and realized he was really nice and was a twelfth grader. Well a least that's what Brendan told her. The truth was Brendan wasn't a 12th grader but only just a really tall 6th grader. So meanwhile after talking to Brendan before Fibei got to her house she asked out Brendan and he said yes, I mean why wouldn't he? As Brendan walked to his house he said to himself, "Wow she' s a 16 year old and she might even do my homework for free what a deal!

Late that night Fibei was so excited that what she thought was a 12th grader said yes to her she couldn't go to sleep! She kept saying over and over to herself, "I shouldn't be surprised almost any hot 11th or 12th grader will go out with me!" Actually the truth is she's really pretty and popular but no 11th and 12th grades want her they just want good grades. Everyone found now that not just girl's thought she was stuck up and up herself but even guys now!

The next day Fibei showed up at school holding Brendan's hand and everyone started to laugh, she just thought if was because he was a 12th grader but really because he was only in 6th grade. After lunch Julie, Fibei's good friend said, "Fi why are you going out with a six grader"!

Fi went ballistic and said, "He's not a 6th grader, he's in 12th grade! I'm going out with a 12th grader and your just jealous because you can't get one!"

Jul replied, "Well neither can you because that Brendan guy is a 6th grader! Anyone can get a sixth grader!"

Fi shouted and then left. "Oh my Gosh you're such a liar! I'm going to hang out with Brendan and his hot friends."

Fi walked around for a long time around school but just couldn't find him, and finally when she got to the 6th grade area the last place she was going to look she came across Brendan who was a 6th grader hanging with all his immure 6th grader friends. Fi was humiliated and from then on she was no longer popular because she was way to full of herself and was then known only as the girl that does homework and now she had to do it for free to keep people talking to her!


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