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Orson Scott Card's trip to Jakarta, Indonesia

Stories from students at Jakarta International School

Ji Eun Jeon

"George, you do nothing but sit around the house and write on those silly papers. I think as a father to two gorgeous beauties, you should show them something more sensible than that."

"Well, Mary. Speaking of me, I think I'm doing quite well as an architect. I'm researching for your 411 (information). It's you who should show some sensible things to them. You got fired a week ago!"

Do you think Mary had anything to say to that? No. She didn't.

Half an hour later, Jessica and Eleanor came down the steps of their grand house.

"Mom! Is our breakfast ready? I'm starving." Jessica yelled, still with her pajamas on.

Then suddenly Eleanor said, "What're we having? Hey Jessie, what'd you get for your Science report? I got C-."

"You? I got a D."

As Jessica and Eleanor said this, her father slowly shook his head with a sad face.

The Hofferson family lived in a beautiful and a magnificent house in New Jersey. Mary and George Hofferson bought this house when their two twin girls were born. Of course, during those days, they were rich and wealthy people. As years went on, their girls grew up and Mary had a hard time trying to get a job after the one when the twins were born. So, for thirteen years, Mary suffered to look for a job while George, the architect, made a lot of money. Jessica and Eleanor were very pretty girls, just going through puberty, but they had one problem. They were so bad at studying. Their grades were a mess. George and Mary blamed each other for their girls' grades. Whenever the girls' second semester was over, George would go to his study and never come out for two days straight.

On their way to school, Eleanor said, "Jessie, you sure you got a D? Dad didn't look very happy. You always get Ds."

"What about you Eleanor? C- is the same, you know? Do you think you're doing any good for daddy and mommy? You have nothing to say to me. Don't blame me for everything OK? That report was really hard."

"Jessica Hofferson! It was not hard. You did it in the last moment!" At that time, Jessica slapped Eleanor across the face. Real hard. Jessica always thought of making herself proud to her dad and mom. Then the next thing she realized was that she was sitting on the dry grass, crying.

When the two girls came back home, Mary was in a delightful mood. She was elected to work in a department store as a saleswoman. For thirteen years, she was hired in small food courts in the city but now, she was a sales woman! Of course, Jessica was still mad and Eleanor was scared of her sister that she'll hit her again.

"It's not my parents' fault who made me get bad grades, it's myself. What am I doing?" This was Jessica's thought during science class. You wish that some miracle would of happened to Jessica Hofferson. Unfortunately, after three days, she was back to her rude habit. Fashion, cool clothes, make ups and boyfriends.

"Eleanor, remember, you're the youngest daughter in our family. The Hoffersons were a very wealthy and a clever group of family. Ellie, I want you to become smart and work hard. It's no good if you make yourself foolish, dear. We love you and studying is what you can do to repay us for loving and caring for you." Mary said this to her second twin daughter, Eleanor, on the day she got slapped across the face. When Jessica saw that Eleanor was working instead of going to the movies with her, she was so surprised.

"Can't believe it! She actually fell into mom and dad! They don't even care about our grades!" cried Leslie.

"I know Les. But what can we do? My sis has fallen into love with working." explained Jessica, calmly.

Just like always, George didn't pay any attention to what Mary said to Eleanor because whenever she said it, it never worked.

Everyday, Mary went out to work and Eleanor for some reason, studied harder and harder and got As while Jessica gave up and got Cs. I think that new job of Mary's was a good help. Luckily, at the end of the semester, Eleanor got all As.

Happily, their father changed his mind and bought Ellie a beautiful golden watch.

Eleanor and Jessica thought that they would never be able to make their father realize their studying and talents.

As years passed on, Jessica soon got better at working and Mary found herself a suitable job that went on for the next seven years. Their father did a better job as an architect and everybody lived happily. When Eleanor's daughters were born, their family lived in the beautiful and a magnificent house in New Jersey.


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