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Orson Scott Card's trip to Jakarta, Indonesia

Stories from students at Jakarta International School

Jin Kim

A long time ago in a town of Sicily, there lived a man named Scard. He was a guy that knew lots of magic. He could turn the prisoners from the war to a dog or horse, so that the king and soldiers can use. He was a good guy in one way and bad in another. He usually turned bad animals into a human being. He liked helping deformed human beings and animals. He was nice that way. And something that was not good was that he was suicidal. He was usually in pain. So he always didn't laugh and was in a bad mood. He was always trying to die!

One day, he was really in a bad mood one day. His boss was really mad at him and fired him. He got fired because he was not in the meeting. Boy, I would even get mad if my boss fired me for not coming to the meeting. So, Scard was really upset with him, so he made him into a frog and became the boss there. One day, he went to the art contest. And saw Van Gogh with his ears cut off. He died of pain. But at the bottom said that it was a god. So Scard started offering Van Gogh as his god. He always prayed to him.

At about 5:00 in the morning, he suddenly felt depression. He opened the window and tried to jump. But he didn't have enough guts to. So, he decided not to. The other day, he was really weird. Whatever he said became true. When he said, "I want him to die!" then the guy will die. He was so mad at his own mouth that he started praying to Van Gogh for help. He asked, "Dear god! I want to kill myself. I want to cut my lips, so I wouldn't make anyone else into animals or kill them. I am too scared of my lips!" Van Gogh answered back, "My dear son, don't kill your self. I'll tell you how to cut your lips without pain. You ice it for about 20 minutes. Then cut it with a chain saw. It will be quick but you will loose some blood!"

Scard decided to cut it that way. So he did what he told and he finally succeeded cutting his lips, but he was in such a pain. He fainted. He thought to himself, "I shouldn't have believed in Van Gogh! He is not a god but a fool!"

Then he died.


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