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Orson Scott Card's trip to Jakarta, Indonesia

Stories from students at Jakarta International School

Kelsi Hess

Okay, here is the scoop: last week this really hot girl named Amanda Hopkins liked this dork in seventh grade, SEVENTH GRADE, well Jason (the seventh grader) liked a girl in eight grade and not Amanda. Amanda found out that he liked the eighth grader. The boys in ninth grade the same grade as Amanda were so mad because she liked an seventh grader and not them.

Amanda thought that she would try to hang out with Jason a little more than usual, which actually was all the time. When that didn't work Amanda thought to herself, "How could I get Jason to like me?"

She then realized she would ask him if she could do his homework for him for free. The boys in her grade asked her to do there homework but they had to pay 50,000 rp per subject but they liked her so much they paid her anyway. Jason didn't know what to do with this offer. After he had thought about it he came to his senses I make straight A's so why do I need someone else to do my homework for me. Jason told Amanda, "I don't need help with my homework but thanks for the offer."

"Oh," Amanda said. "I was just wondering because I have heard that you were grounded last week because you got an A- on your math quiz, so I thought I would help you out."

"That's not helping me that is doing it for me and me failing every test and getting in more trouble because I wouldn't know what to do."

"Oh, well ok," said Amanda.

"Yeah, well I have to go now," demanded Jason.

"Why do you have to go? All I am trying to do is make friends with you," wailed Amanda.

"I know you are and I also know that you like me and guess what if you haven't already heard I don't really like you!" screamed Jason.

"Who do you like then?"asked Amanda.

"She's in eighth grade," replied Jason.

"What is her name?" called Amanda.

"Her name is Mandy and she is a lot less annoying compared to you," smirked Jason.

"Oh well I guess I will go back to my 9th grade area and get out of this little kid place!" yelled Amanda.

"Okay you do that, and we're not little," replied Jason.

So Amanda left the Middle School area and went back to her business selling homework to guys that liked her and Jason is now going out with Mandy, you know the 8th grader that he liked. Amanda is now hitting on Jason's best friend Cody, but he doesn't like her either. Well I have to go now so, catch next week's "The Scoop." Bye.

Just to let you know how I found out all this stuff is I am Amanda's younger sister in 8th grade and I am Mandy's best friend so I can get a lot out of that. Well bye!


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