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Posted by Canuckboy (Member # 5193) on :
Hey all, being a newbie to these forums, I was wondering why Orson Scott Card's official site is called Hatrack River? Could someone enlighten me on this? Thanks.
Posted by UTAH (Member # 5032) on :
Have you read OSC's Alvin series? i.e. Hatrack River.
Posted by Steel (Member # 3342) on :
Yeah... it's named after a river in one of his novels.
Posted by Canuckboy (Member # 5193) on :
Oh ok, that makes sense [Smile] . The only books of his I've read are Ender's Game, and the first couple of books of the Homecoming series.
Posted by Nick (Member # 4311) on :
Seventh Son is amazing. Red Prophet is even better. Read them. Soon. [Smile]
Posted by Cassandra (Member # 4566) on :
You can not be a proper OSC fan without reading at least two of the Alvin books, in my opinion [Razz]
Posted by UTAH (Member # 5032) on :
Seventh Son was a very good book! It's the book that hooked me on OSC. It's the first book of the Alvin series.
Posted by Anna (Member # 2582) on :
I read OSC so often I don't even remember what book I read first. Maybe seventh son, but I'm not sure...
Posted by Lissande (Member # 350) on :
This is an OSC forum? *hides Dunnett books*

I've been here so long I'd forgotten that...


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