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Posted by tanman1975 (Member # 1444) on :
and where can I find it?
Posted by Sweet William (Member # 5212) on :
I believe the story is called Investment Counselor, and it is part of the book First Meetings [Smile]
Posted by tanman1975 (Member # 1444) on :
hmm.. Amazon says it isn't out yet, but I know I've read it before. D'oh!
Posted by Sweet William (Member # 5212) on :
The hardback version was available at EnderCon, where I got mine. I think it was also sold on this site. The one that is coming out soon is the paperback version with an extra story. I can't wait!
Posted by peterh (Member # 5208) on :
You might even check with your local library. I know mine has a copy. It's a fun little read.
Posted by The Wiggin (Member # 5020) on :
I even found a copy at a near by book store. or atleast a book with the story if it's not the book the other are talking about.
Posted by tanman1975 (Member # 1444) on :
Found it. Far Horizons. I recommend it, will introduce you to a lot of good sci fi writers.

Every story is set in the world the writer is known for. EG. Greg Bear's story related to EON, Simmon's relates to Hyperion, Brin's relates to Uplift & etc...
Posted by JaneMan (Member # 3829) on :
A little more information. Far Horizions is edited by Robert Silverberg. He has another collection called Legends that also includes a story by Orson Scott Card. This one is an Alvin Maker story called The Grinning Man, about when Alvin meets Davy Crocket.

Far Horizons:

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