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Posted by Apooche (Member # 6384) on :
I've read both the Alvin Maker Series and the Ender/Bean series and noticed that often his minor charachters have similar personalities.

Such as, oh, Peggy and Val seemed to have similar opinions of human behavior, and Grego (young) being quiet and pasive as was Calvin (young). And Grego (adult) being ambitios and exitable, again alongside Calvin (adult). And Aurthur Stuart and Bean had some similarities, And when you're actualy reading you notice other similarities and quotes as I did reading the Alvin Maker series (I read that one second).

If you look back the charachters play similar roles in the storylines. Any coments, or charachters or books left out by me, it's a prety intresting thing about Cards Wrighting style, or at least I think so.
Posted by Narnia (Member # 1071) on :
This is weird cause I was just thinking the same thing today. I'm reading the Homecoming series. I see similarities between:

Alvin and Nafai
Alvin and Ender
Ivan, Alvin, Ender, Nafai, Whatshisname from the Worthing Saga, Bean(post Petra), and Abraham
Peggy, Luet, Petra(post Bean), Katharina
Patience and Katharina
Patience and Valentine
Peggy and Luet
Rasa and Peggy

Funny thing is, I notice that once the characters fall in love, they all tend to act similarly. Bean seemed to me a completely different person once he and Petra were married. He acted more like...more like a Card Hero that I'm used to. [Smile] I think that's where I see the similarities the most is in the man/woman relationships of love.

I noticed that many of the married couples started out being irritated with each other:

Nafai and Luet
Ivan and Katharina
Alvin and Peggy
Bean and Petra

There are many interesting parallels with the couples as couples and the couples as individual people. It's fun to see and I always find myself really admiring the hero in love that OSC creates. [Smile]

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Posted by Jill (Member # 3376) on :
Ender and Ansset.
Posted by Miro (Member # 1178) on :;f=1;t=002223
Posted by Bean Counter (Member # 6001) on :
I heard a comic say something about this topic (Married couple similarity) He pointed out that marrige was the joining of two people into one boring one.

Posted by mr_porteiro_head (Member # 4644) on :
I think that it is interesting to read Card's earlier works and see proto-versions of his major characters. Ansett as a proto-Ender. That guy on Treason is a proto-Alvin. Mikhail (sp?) is a proto-Peter.
Posted by Apooche (Member # 6384) on :
These are all good examples.

His charachters seem more built up this way because he has a feeling for how to write them. The cuples thing is all to true, I noticed that to. They change when they marry-but then, doesn't that happen in real life?

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