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Posted by flyby (Member # 3630) on :
This is coming from two things. First, when I read the Ender's Game short story, and saw how much more it got into it from transformation from short story to novel, it made me want so many more of his short stories to be novels. The second thing is that I just finished Dust, and it just left me wanting so much more from it. Although I remember feeling like that after I read unaccompanied Sonata also. I love his short stories, they are so good, and they just leave me wanting more from their worlds.
Posted by gwan (Member # 6194) on :
I feel that way about "Euminides in the fourth floor lavatory." Maybe not a novel, but it always fills me with murderous rage [Wall Bash] that you don't know wheither or not his wife sees them when she wakes up. That is probably the point but it still makes me mad. Oh, and "Fat farm", I want to know what his assignment is.... I'm sure I could use my imagination but I want to know it in the story.

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Posted by digging_holes (Member # 6237) on :
Although I remember feeling like that after I read unaccompanied Sonata also.
Actually, I hope he never expands Unaccompanied Sonata. A big part of the pleasure of reading it, for me, was the way it was written, not just the story itself. It's one of the few stories which I found to be very nearly perfect. That would most likely be lost in an expansion.
Posted by Princess Leah (Member # 6026) on :
I feel that way about "Fat Farm". I feel that giving it much more explanation and expansion --ha! <----bitter hating body joke-- would just take away the power of the raw emotion. I don't think the story is ABOUT what happens to all the bodies. I don't want to know.

What I would like to see as a novel is "Eye For Eye". I think for that to happen the format of how it's written would have to change, but I think that except for the suprise of the name dropped at the end --here I am being intentially vague in order to not have spoilers--, not much would be lost from the transition, and much would be gained.
Posted by Rhapsody (Member # 6514) on :
in "Euminides in the fourth floor lavatory" the whole point is to use our imaginations it just wouldn't be the same if he told us what happend alot of storys are like that you wish the author would tell you more about this or that but the fact that they withold certain information is what makes the story so good
Posted by Peruru Dragoon (Member # 2545) on :
Breaking the Game
A Thousand Deaths

I'm a big Worthing fan. [Smile]
Posted by gwan (Member # 6194) on :
"A thousand deaths" wouldn't work. I think it was all wraped up rather well. Do you really want to read an entire book about someones skin getting ripped off. Or thier body being thrown into hot oil and cooked? I think not. it's a very good story which I enjoyed thoroghly, but its too sadistic to be any longer.
Posted by mr_porteiro_head (Member # 4644) on :
I think that Porcelain Salamander could survive the translation into novel quite well, but I don't have any particular desire for it to happen. [Dont Know]

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