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Posted by NerdyGuy220 (Member # 7342) on :
Does anyone know the status of the work Worthing Complete, referenced briefly at ? I enjoyed the Worthing Saga, but wish I had access to the complete series.
Posted by Papa Moose (Member # 1992) on :
Well, he said "in a few years," and that was apparently written in 1990. I don't believe such a thing ever came to fruition. Best bet is to find old copies of Capitol and Hot Sleep, probably -- libraries and used book stores, plus the online used book stores -- and abebooks or something.

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Posted by Yozhik (Member # 89) on :
My first novel, Hot Sleep, and my first book, the collection Capitol, were replaced by the 1983 novel The Worthing Chronicle; it, in turn, will be included in the megabook Worthing Complete sometime in the next few years.
Based on this description, "Worthing Complete" is the same thing as "The Worthing Saga," which was published a while ago. "The Worthing Saga" is a revision of "The Worthing Chronicle."
Posted by 0range7Penguin (Member # 7337) on :
I just recently finished the Worthing Saga and my thoughts on it is that it came to life in the sence that the different versions of the same stories are much like real history, in real history if two people observe the same thing and write a description of what happened the two versions will be similar but very different. In this way the worthing stories come to life in a way other series do not. If Mr. Card was to create and "official" worthing Chronicles type book then it would demolish this trend which is apperant in even the Worthing Saga.
Posted by Craig Childs (Member # 5382) on :
I have two paperback copies of HOT SLEEP. Not in great condition but readable. I'll be glad to give you one, if you'll send me a few bucks for shipping.

Personally, I liked HOT SLEEP better than WORTHING CHRONICLE. But that's just me, I don't think many people (including OSC) feel that way.

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Posted by Papa Moose (Member # 1992) on :
Craig, if you don't hear back from NerdyGuy, I'd appreciate second chance at that book. I've only read it once, and someone else appears to have stolen it from the library (or "accidentally lost" it, perhaps).


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