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Posted by ChocoTuar (Member # 6854) on :
Well, I keep thinking about Peter's two consciousnesses. Almost like the eyes of an iguana: unrestricted by their twin. But I thought of how, in a situation of alerted awareness, his two cons(I'm shortening the word) would both be begging for his sense at once. He has only two eyes, that are drug around and controlled by their counterpart. Maybe in the next book (if you extend the Ender series, as I can't find any info) you could add something about how his cons would fight for his senses, and maybe even split the control of his eyes from each other; two eyes looking in two directions, two nostrils looking for two smells.

Just an idea.

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Posted by AntiCool (Member # 7386) on :
But his soul (I don't remember the word used in the book) is only connected to the Peter body now. The Ender body crumbled into dust, and Jane took over the Val body.
Posted by ChocoTuar (Member # 6854) on :
What does that have to do with it?
Posted by neo-dragon (Member # 7168) on :
Peter only has the one "aiua". Ender's aiua was the source of consciousness for his own body, young Val's, and Peter's. Now that Ender's body is gone, and Jane has Val's, There's no split consciousness in Peter's body, just some confusion of memories. Some of his memories are 'Peter memories' which Ender figured he should have, and some are purely Ender's memories.

What you're saying reminds me of the Dune novels though. Certain characters had the memories of all their direct ancestors in their minds, and if they weren't very careful, an ancestor's persona could actually take control of the body.
Posted by Gina (Member # 7451) on :
Wasn't there something at the end of Children of the Mind about Peter always seeing things from two points of view?
Posted by Quimby2999 (Member # 7044) on :
I believe that Peter said that he saw all of his memories of "himself" so to speak from Ender's point of view. So, he never really knew his own motives, just what Ender thought they were.
Posted by neo-dragon (Member # 7168) on :
Yeah, it's like having memories in the third person.
Posted by ChocoTuar (Member # 6854) on :
I promise you, towards the end of CotM, it talks about how Peter has two different consciousnesses. It even talks about how both consciousnesses regarded his hunger at the same time. I'm not going crazy.
Posted by LockeTreaty (Member # 5627) on :
In the end of CotM Peter explains how he can think of two things at once. This is similar to what jane does, by which I mean she can think of many different things at once. Peter is limited to two trains of thought.
However, his aiua(sp?), which allows him to think of two things at once, wouldn't be fighting over control of his body. That would only happen if there were two aiuas in the same vessel. (Ex: Think back to when Jane tried to take over Ender/Valentine/Peter's body. A fight for dominanace took place, where portions of the body were controled by each aiua.) To the best of my recollection that is how it worked, at least.
Posted by 0range7Penguin (Member # 7337) on :
While he had two ways of thinking he was all ender, for all three of them, Ender, New Val, and New Ender where all actually Ender split three ways. Its just when the auia had to decide it went with the peter body but its all actually ender. So no different conciesnesses. Where would these dual conciencess come from? Its all actually ender.
Posted by Quimby2999 (Member # 7044) on :
Yes, Peter is technically just Ender with a different body and personality. In order for him to have 2 different conciousnesses (hate that word) Ender would have to already have had 2 different conciusdhgiuvus before he even created Peter and Val. Right? Right?
Posted by ChocoTuar (Member # 6854) on :
I'm just making an observation. I'm not sure if what I was saying was correct, just brainstorming.

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