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Posted by Von (Member # 1146) on :
Dear Mr. Card,

This is but a humble friendly request:

Would you consider updating your bibliography section more faithfully? It obviously isn't that big a deal if Shadow of the Giant is still in the "Works in progress" section because we know it's published, but in general, it would be nice to know what you are working on, (are you even working on Mayflower II? That ones been there for awhile). Maybe you could even include expected publication month or year, or something like that.

Anyway...I know I'd appreciate it, but no pressure or anything.... [Hail]
Posted by Orson Scott Card (Member # 209) on :
Sorry we didn't update the bio right away. But there's nothing NEW to add, only minor changes like instead of "working on" Giant is now "recently published."

I don't like telling people dates and schedules of works I haven't written yet. Then they get upset if I fall behind. I don't work for anybody precisely because I loathe the idea of having deadlines. And if I posted dates here and then didn't fulfil them, I'd be setting myself up to be nagged by THOUSANDS of bosses.

You'll know when a book is done the same day I find out - because I'll come on here (or someone in my family will) and say, "The d*** thing is finally done!"
Posted by Von (Member # 1146) on :
Fair enough. I'm long as Master Alvin is somewhere in the next three books that you write.

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