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Posted by Verai (Member # 7507) on :
For the prestige, of course.

Anyway, while I was eating after work, an old (elderly) friend named Richard saw me reading Xenocide and said, "Reading crappy novels again?"

I said, "Huh? You haven't read it, have you?"
"No, I was just making fun."
"It's written by Orson Scott Card. Heard of him?"
"I have heard of him, I haven't read anything by him though."

Richard is one of the few, the elite, who like to read. I've let him borrow books of mine before. He still hasn't returned the 48 Laws of Power yet, the jerk! Probobly lost it.

I offered to let him borrow Ender's Game and he told me he'd be happy to get more books from me. He had just read "The Stand" and wanted a less complicated novel.
Posted by SpEeDMaSTeR (Member # 7568) on :
So you gave him Ender's Game? Nice......
Posted by Bretagne (Member # 7852) on :
So are you saying that you're going to have to get yourself another copy of EG now, or do you think he'll give this one back?
Posted by kaioshin00 (Member # 3740) on :
Toasted subs are good.
Posted by Verai (Member # 7507) on :
I will demand he return Ender's Game. My dad was supposed to read it but he's busy with a couple other books.

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