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Posted by Verai (Member # 7507) on :
Why is it that when you're talking about us writers in Characters and Viewpoint, we're breathing life into the stories within our souls...

But here at Hatrack you're writing is just making stuff up and selling it?

Posted by Portabello (Member # 7710) on :
Why do you feel those two are mutually exclusive, verai?
Posted by ketchupqueen (Member # 6877) on :
And I'm confused by your second sentence; are you sure you meant the contraction and not the possessive? [Confused]
Posted by Orson Scott Card (Member # 209) on :
Because I detest pretentiousness in artists; and because in C&V I was trying to encourage novice writers to regard the pursuit of excellence in their work as being worthwhile: i.e., storytelling matters, and therefore doing it well matters also.
Posted by Jenny Gardener (Member # 903) on :
Sometimes, you sell yourself short. Storytelling DOES matter, whether you profit from it or not. It's okay for professional artists to be in love with their work and the things they make. I wouldn't want to buy from someone who doesn't enjoy what they do.

Also, I'd hate to think you only write because it keeps food on the table. I'd like to think there's some part of you that is snickering delightedly to get away with storytelling as a job.

I have a hairdresser, a professional, who charges a bit more than most of the others in my town. Yet I choose her BECAUSE she loves her work so much. She's happy, and it makes her more creative. My hairdressing time is enjoyable to me because of her dedication and care. In fact, my hubby the penny-pincher also goes to her for his haircuts.

I do so hope you are only kidding or being falsely modest when you talk about your work as "boring" or just a means to take care of your family. When I read your works (or at least the ones that speak to me), I don't want to find ambivalence or mediocrity in them. I want your passion and the best you can do.

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Posted by Jenny Gardener (Member # 903) on :
Demanding, aren't I? [Kiss]
Posted by Verai (Member # 7507) on :
sry 4 teh gramar messteaks. It's not my strong point. My strong point is making sandwiches at Subway, which is braggable.
Posted by Orson Scott Card (Member # 209) on :
Hey, when I talk about just writing for money etc., that's false modesty. I think storytelling is what shapes a culture; that's why I encourage people to lend my books, because I'm more interested in culture-shaping than in money.

But I do in fact depend on the money I make from writing in order to make ends meet. And it is absolutely true that running out of money is one of the primary reasons I actually sit down to write a novel. So it's right up there with reshaping the world as a motive for my writing. Just because I want to get paid for it doesn't mean I'm not sincere in my belief that writing actually matters ... including MY writing.

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