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Posted by Sid Meier (Member # 6965) on :
And look at the "The Next Generation of Imperial RTS Games" in the books films and culture thread, I'm puttign foward my idea for a game and this idea is my dream.
Posted by Rose the ____ (Member # 7791) on :
uhm - is this really Sid Meier? the creator of Civ? the one to blame for all the ills of the Civilized world as he created Civilization (r)?
Posted by Taalcon (Member # 839) on :
Posted by Sid Meier (Member # 6965) on :
no i mean yes, no, yes, no maybe. No, wait possibly yes. Heh, no I'm not the Sid Meier I'm just a fan.
Posted by Jonathan Howard (Member # 6934) on :
Wasn't it (TM)?
Posted by Sid Meier (Member # 6965) on :
TM?? whats tm?
Posted by DarkKnight (Member # 7536) on :
Trademark is my guess
Posted by Sid Meier (Member # 6965) on :
I dont see how a of a person could be trademarked. Arent there a million John Lee's in China?

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