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Posted by Verai (Member # 7507) on :
In search of instant motivation, preferrably in cheap spray can form.
Posted by Scott R (Member # 567) on :
Send me $20, and I can get you some.
Posted by CRash (Member # 7754) on :
Sorry, the motivation I use is injected through a hypodermic needle. (And you wonder why I haven't been writing much lately...)
Posted by Will B (Member # 7931) on :
Try writing garbage. At least it gets your fingers moving, which may be half the battle!
Posted by Verai (Member # 7507) on :


There's going to be a point where my mind says, "Listen. You've got this huge idea. If you don't write it, no one will read it, so who cares? You've already spent like 50 hours thinking about it. You'd have half the friggin' story down if you had been writing all that time."

Who my mind would be talking to, I do not know.

Posted by Mr J Vagabond (Member # 8017) on :
You could always pool a descartes and just starting scribbling out stream of consciousness. Very least you'll be writting something and if your lucky you may stumble on to some idea or another that can eventually lead to a story. Ive found that sometimes this works for me, but then again sometimes i end up with a few pages that i feel should be hidden away so that a psychologist can never read them.
Posted by Ramdac99 (Member # 7264) on :
I agree with Will B. getting those fingers moving is what you need to do, even if what comes out is completely incoherent or incomplete. the worst that can happen is it doesn't make a great story, but even in those cases you will still gain from the process.

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