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Posted by TheDisgruntledPostman (Member # 7200) on :
Ive been in many forum communties in my time, all waining towards certain topics, but to all of the forums ive been too, hatrack is defently the best. Every topic is aplicable rather then just one set thing, and people here are so open minded and intelectual. Luckiest of all, here at hatrack we have Mr.Card, always full of perspective and willing to speak his mind. I hope you know Mr.Card that you have one of the best forums on this internet. Im pretty certain that everyone else here feals the same way.
Posted by Rackham (Member # 8127) on :
i agree man. i was a lurker for soooooo many months wanting and wanting to come on and finally post with all of u guys and Card himself, but i told myself i wouldent register until i read atleast EG, SfTd,Xeno, and children. but i couldent take it.. i had to come and post with all of u... as of now im on page 235 of children.

thank u OSC and everyone here at hatrack.

oh and plaese refrain from any children spoilers:) oh and shodow pupets, sotg too;)
Posted by Orson Scott Card (Member # 209) on :
Thanks for the kind words - it's a good community here. But as to having to read my work first - there's no such requirement. so i'm glad you didn't wait till you'd read some pre-set number or list of my works.

In fact, for any lurkers, let me give you the complete introduction to the works of Orson Scott Card. This is the first stanza of my first published work, a "poem" that was published in a California educational newsletter (submitted by my fourth-grade teacher, Fran Schroeder):

Spring is coming,
March 21st is nigh
And all the snow that's on the ground
Will melt when the sun is high.

I think that about says it all.

But in case it doesn't: I am perfectly capable of writing complete crap, as my first publication shows. So the LESS of my work you read, the less likely you are to discover all my flaws, and therefore the more likely you are to admire my work, until we find that people who have never read anything of mine are completely convinced that I'm an absolute genius. So the less you've read of mine, the more welcome you are to post here. <grin>
Posted by TheDisgruntledPostman (Member # 7200) on :
silly orson [Razz]
Posted by Haloed Silhouette (Member # 8062) on :
The first OSC typo in [my] recorded history! Do I get a prize?

Now I'm really acting like a lump of excreted content. I'm sorry for being such a Pain in the Forum, Mr Card.
Posted by Rackham (Member # 8127) on :
[Smile] lol, man card your the man. ive got 7 of your books under the belt and have read quite abit here at the hatrack forums. but im still convinced that your an absolute genius.

Haloed, lol i didnt even realize it till u pointed it out.
Posted by Rackham (Member # 8127) on :
Wait now that i think about it, Orson has probably used "i'm" alot of times by now, dont u think.

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