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Posted by Starsnuffer (Member # 8116) on :
I have to have some kind of visual representation for the subject of Shadow of the Giant for a project. I am not artistically inclined (i.e. I can't draw well) and was trying to think of a fairly straightforward way to do this. Im thinking of having something implying the fighting of diff countries/FPE over the world, but I can't figure out how to do it.
Posted by Starsnuffer (Member # 8116) on :
More simply, what little picture or whatever could i use to mean Vs. or show taht the countries are fighting
Posted by El JT de Spang (Member # 7742) on :
Use a map, with color coded countries to show allegiances. You really only need to show Eurasia on it, because everyone else is periphery players.
Posted by Starsnuffer (Member # 8116) on :
Thanks for the imput, I thought of that but adding the FPE I decided would be too hard, so I'm doing an arch of China Vs. Muslim Vs. India Vs. FPE over the globe, I think its gonna be snazzy. But thanks a lot [Smile]

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