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Posted by TheDisgruntledPostman (Member # 7200) on :
Then again, you should see the hilarious hate mail I just got from an unbelievably self-righteous Mormon who seriously thought I should be excommunicated because I had expressed such warm feelings about John Paul II in my recent essay. It's just mind-numbingly bigoted and smug.

After i finaly read the OSC and Gays post i noticed what he said in his entry on it, mainly what he said he got back from writing a peice on former pope John Paul II. Now im not big on the Mormon Church, but why would someone(the guy who wrote you that hate mail mr.card) dislike a man who stood for so much good. Some people may have not agreed with all of his thought and beliefs, but this man helped tear down the berlin wall. Can you fill me on this a little more than i have read Mr.Card?
Posted by MrSquicky (Member # 1802) on :
Doing one good thing or opposing one evil does not grant one carte blanche for any other sort of thing that the person may do. (I'm reminded of the joke about <X> the goat...lover).

I agree that John Paul was a great man, and, on the whole a credit to the chair of St. Peter, but the man's record is hardly an umblemished sheet. You don't live as the unprecidentally active head of a major religion for almost 3 decades without making quite a few mistakes and pissing a bunch of people off (justified or no).

Of course, I got the gist that the writer was upset that OSC was praising the leader of a religion that was not LDS and not for any specific thing the actual person did. This actual seemed a little odd to me, because the religious that LDS often seem to me to associate with and are working towards getting power for pretty much hate Mormons, whereas, while the Catholics and especially JPII aren't as close on social issues, they are much less likely to, I don't know, send the army to wipe the Mormons out if they ever get in power.
Posted by Zerokku (Member # 8118) on :
One thing that suprises me (and I am LDS so I do know the circumstances) Is that our own Prophet and president of our church, Gordon B. Hinckley, Took several minutes out of his conferance time (when he speaks to the church as a whole, Which isnt for very long as is) Just to talk about John Paul II. He also went to the JPII's funeral.

I agree with what OSC said about this person who said this being a bit self-righteous. Whoever sent this doesnt find a problem when the leader of the church does it, yet has a problem when an ordinary member does it. Doesnt make any sense. And its people like this that ruin the image of the church as a whole.
Posted by TheDisgruntledPostman (Member # 7200) on :
very true Zerokku
Posted by Orson Scott Card (Member # 209) on :
The attacks on John Paul II were not based on anything he did personally - they were simply the old anti-papist Catholic-hating that I thought was dead in America.

I especially thought it was dead in the Mormon Church, where it has been explicitly stated by authoritative Church leaders that our scripture is not and never was anti-Catholic.

But the anti-Catholic tradition in England and its colonies ran long and deep; Guy Fawkes Day is still celebrated, after all. All that blood from the 16th century hasn't been forgotten even yet, apparently - though the people who propound the anti-Catholicism today rarely have any idea of the roots of their bias in real historical conflicts.
Posted by Dagonee (Member # 5818) on :
they were simply the old anti-papist Catholic-hating that I thought was dead in America
Alas, no. No question, it's worlds better than it was in the past. The people my wife's age who grew up in Tennessee didn't ever have to hide under the bed from the Klan like their parents did, and most people support the Baird amendments for reasons less hateful than the reason for which they were passed. And I've noticed a reduction in directly anti-Catholic radio sermons (there used to be some good ones on those stations that had a farm report every our).

But it still pops up fairly regularly - I'll see something really ugly (Pope as Anti-Christ stuff, Pope in it with the Jews, etc.) every month or two. If you throw in the Jack Chick comics, then definitely at least once a month.
Posted by TheDisgruntledPostman (Member # 7200) on :
but really, why should people say such hatefull things to religions. You have hate flowing through a church, were love and such is supposed to be flowing. Even though beliefs and such are different let the poloticians argue about differences, not houses of god. There making church wars, theses guys hate those guys cause this church did this to that churhc A HUNDRED YEARS AGO. Lets all just hug and makeup

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