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Posted by Pdizzle (Member # 8340) on :
Is there any way I could write Mr. Card? I've searched, but I haven't found anything.
Posted by Ginosion (Member # 7066) on :
I don't know... maybe you can send him somthing through TOR.
Posted by Lepidamy (Member # 8339) on :
What do you mean by write? Snail mail or e-mail? He does have an e-mial, not sure if i should say it or not.
Posted by Ginosion (Member # 7066) on :
Is it I wouldn laugh if it was.
Posted by Lepidamy (Member # 8339) on :
Honestly, i dont remember. It was somewhere along those lines...something like "". Maybe not.
Posted by Antony (Member # 7947) on :
you could leave him a message here, he's not infrequent on the boards
Posted by Orson Scott Card (Member # 209) on :
Please don't post any emails, ever. It just afflicts the person with spam.

ANY place on this site where you can write to the site itself will reach somebody at my house or will get forwarded to me immediately.
Posted by Ginosion (Member # 7066) on :
Was anyone close to getting your E-mail right?
Posted by neo-dragon (Member # 7168) on :
Do you really think he'd say if someone was?
Posted by Ginosion (Member # 7066) on :
lol, no, I was just testing him

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