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Posted by Paco_The_Insane (Member # 8263) on :
I don't know if this has been said before but in the new book after Children of the Mind, Bean's children could still be alive. I think it was in Xenocide when Val was going to Lusitania and she was writing for Demosthenes when she said 1 hour to them was 14 days on earth. That means 1 day is 336 days on Earth. 3000 years divided by 336 is almost 9 years. Beans kids would be nine. Please correct me if my math is wrong. So while all of the stuff going on with Peter, Wang-mu, Jane, and Miro is happening, the Delphiki's are flying through space at the speed of light. Using faster than light travel they could definitely meet in the next book.
Posted by trance (Member # 6623) on :
Yes but they have older ships that don't travel quite as fast and realisticly they wouldn't just shoot out to the farthest planet to be colonized. They are most likely going to stop at a few planets and are going to be a bit older. But yes I do agree with you that Bean's runts will meet up with Ender's runts. lol. It's gonna be an interesting read I'm sure.
Posted by TheDisgruntledPostman (Member # 7200) on :
Makes total sense to me
Posted by El JT de Spang (Member # 7742) on :
Search your feelings Luke.

And by that of course I mean use the search feature for the new Enderverse books and find the threads where this and other related stuff has been discussed in detail, including hints and plot points from the Uncle Orson.
Posted by SteveRogers (Member # 7130) on :
That was what I thought, Paco, and then I had a better idea. To let Mr. Card figure out the plot for himself.
Posted by SpEeDMaSTeR (Member # 7568) on :
Your math is wrong. You are dividing 336 days into 3000 years. This comes out to more like 3050 as a rough estimate, not 9. Make sure units are the same before dividing.
Posted by Joshua Newberry (Member # 7864) on :
I did...

3000 years * 365.245 days/year = 1 095 735 days

1 095 735 days / 336 days/day(in flight) = 3261.11607143 days(in flight)

3261.11607143 days(in flight) / 365.245 days/year = 8.92857143 years(in flight)

Nine to me.
Posted by SpEeDMaSTeR (Member # 7568) on :
My fault, I thought that he was looking for something different.
Posted by Paco_The_Insane (Member # 8263) on :
Yes, i thought the same thing when i did it at first too. And on another note, since they have been traveling the whole time they would probably have gone way out into space, but then with faster-than-light travel they can just pop into the ship. That would be a funny scene!
Posted by cagreat1 (Member # 8511) on :
Who said bean would be dead? Wasn't there a comment that the only reason Bean would die is because of gravity and the strain it would put on his heart. if he were in the ship, he could continually reduce gravity and make it possible for him to still be alive...but etremely tall and intelligent. Just a thought.
Posted by accio (Member # 3040) on :
OSC, according to Ginosion and OSC himself.
Posted by CRash (Member # 7754) on :
From the B&N Discussion on SotG in April:

Area: Discuss the Ending & More
From: Orson
Date: Monday, 25-Apr-2005 3:30 AM

...Bean is GOING TO DIE. I didn't lie about that. The most we'll see of him is a brief prologue - or at least that's my guess right now.

Area: Discuss the Ending & More
From: Orson
Date: Thursday, 28-Apr-2005 2:39 PM

It's possible for series characters to linger so long that they become dull. Basically, if I'm not interested anymore, I have to move on. And if the character comes up against that wall called "death," there's not much I can do about it, without fakery.

Since he hasn't written the book yet, it's not for certain, but I think it's very likely that Bean is history.
Posted by Scullibundo (Member # 8521) on :
I find the prologue point interesting. If incorporating Bean into the events of the book would take away from the character, then perhaps he can still be a part of it in a way that helps shape the tone of the book. Of course I'm talking about the excerpts OSC has a habit for incorporating at the beginning of each chapter (Emails in the Shadow Saga, Writings from Han Qin Jao in CotM etc). Each chapter introduction could be a lesson or advice that Bean passes onto his children about the world.

Frankly while I accept that Bean's story has come to an end which I found to be the most powerful ending of any book in the Ender saga, I felt the slightest dissatisfaction from having Bean's story ending with him orbiting in a ship. I know that characters must be killed off eventually so as not to let them linger, but I just get the feeling that while Petra and Peter and everybody else's story was tied up, the character who we came to care for so much has been left in eternal limbo.

But hey, that's just me.

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Posted by El JT de Spang (Member # 7742) on :

Did you save all the discussion stuff from the B&N class? We can't still access it, can we?

I was thinking last week that I wish I'd saved it, but didn't know how I could've.

Posted by mathwiz15 (Member # 8523) on :
I would hate it if Bean went off into space and just died out there! If that is what happens I think he should have just stayed on Earth and lived the last bit of his life with Petra and his other children.
Posted by CRash (Member # 7754) on :
Originally posted by El JT de Spang:

Did you save all the discussion stuff from the B&N class? We can't still access it, can we?

I saved most of the B&N posts, but I missed a couple of sections that my computer was having problems loading--the largest ones, unfortunately. I did it the hard way, copy and paste into a notepad program (my word processor wouldn't accept the class formatting).
I considered the suggested method of printing the posts and realized it would be unpractical for such a long discussion. By that time the class was pretty much done, so I never got the largest sections copied.

The discussion doesn't seem to be available anymore online, though, so I'm glad I saved it. I should go back and make it a bit more scanable...right now the notepad documents are littered with "Previous Topic" and "(Message #1277372)" text fragments.

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