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Posted by trance (Member # 6623) on :
I have only read the Enderverse from card and liked it alot. But i really don't know what to expect or even anything about the Alvin Maker series so I was wondering if someone could enlighten me with NONE_SPOILING details incase I do end up wanting to give it a shot. I know it's a fantasy tale and I'm not much for fantasy but there are a few I like so I may give it a shot.
Posted by rjzeller (Member # 8536) on :
pickup Seventh Son and see for yourself. The book is so short you really don't lose much if you should happen to decide you don't like it.

But I think you will. The use of fantasy elements does not dominate the story, which seems to make it more believable and interesting.

My 2 pennies....
Posted by macnewbold (Member # 7660) on :
I like the Alvin Maker series almost as much as I like the Enderverse... I agree with rjzeller: You should pick up a copy of Seventh Son and check it out. But make sure you have easy access (i.e. a library or something) to the rest of the series too, since you won't want to wait to keep going.

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