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Posted by Oliver Dale (Member # 8398) on :
In case anyone cares, Sissel does indeed have a last name: Kyrkjebo. But who wants to see that on an album cover? She's from Norway, and has quite a backlog of music you might be interested in. I've been a fan for a while.

Posted by macnewbold (Member # 7660) on :
I must say I've liked Sissel's music ever since I was introduced to it. I also must say that I fail to find any relevance to this topic, at least on this side of the forum.
Posted by King of Men (Member # 6684) on :
It's Kyrkjebø, actually. Also, OSC is being inaccurate as usual. There's only a single track on 'Into Paradise' whose title is in German; one Italian, if 'Adagio' counts; three Norwegian, three Latin, three English, and one which I think is Portuguese, 'Bachianas Brasileiras'. Certainly no majority of German and Italian.
Posted by Oliver Dale (Member # 8398) on :

This topic was a direct reply to OSC's column. The relevance is quite apparent to anyone not looking for something to gripe about.
Posted by macnewbold (Member # 7660) on :
I'm not looking for something to gripe about. Far from it. I didn't see the column in question, and didn't see any reference to it in your original post. My comment was merely a gentle attempt to keep both sides of the forum "on topic". If this is in regard to OSC's writing, then I guess it can fit in over here. Please take no offense at what I have said.

King: If you group the Italian, Portuguese, and Latin songs together, that makes 5, plus a German one would make 6 out of 12, which could almost be considered a majority.

[Apologies for the late response, I tried last week repeatedly but the site wouldn't let me log in.]
Posted by King of Men (Member # 6684) on :
And if you group Norwegian and English together, which is certainly justified by Harald Hardråde's claim to the English throne, they get a majority. What's your point?
Posted by Oliver Dale (Member # 8398) on :
mac, simple misunderstanding. We're cool.

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