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Posted by jasoncc (Member # 9760) on :
I think it would be awesome. you could just follow out the path of Ender. start where you need to fight Stilson and then go to battle school. And then when you get Dragon Army you have to win every single game using your own tactics, not Ender's strategy.
Posted by 0Megabyte (Member # 8624) on :
Nobody would be good enough to make enough disparate game types to put it all in one game.

However, I do want to play the simulator. The "perfect" video game, et al...
Posted by jasoncc (Member # 9760) on :
I was thinking of it being sorta like Lord of the Rings: Tactics. where you can be a single player or be the commander of a small force
Posted by ThePersonMan (Member # 9440) on :
Ender's Video Game
Posted by Puppy (Member # 6721) on :
You've played Lord of the Rings: Tactics? My company made that, but I've never met anyone who actually played it [Smile]
Posted by jasoncc (Member # 9760) on :
ya i've played it, for the psp. it was pretty good. but then tuition was due so goodbye to psp.
Posted by Teancum (Member # 9801) on :
What if it started out folling a simple soldier in an US army during all the political squables before the First Invasion. Then after a few Spec Op Raids, Eros disapears from the Solar system and once the crew on the Tug gets slaughtered then the world bands together under the Hegemon and begin to prepare for the Buggers. Then it would be cool to be in "The Scathing of China" and be fighting during the whole Campaign from the political problems to the clearing out of Eros


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