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Posted by I Am The War Chief (Member # 9266) on :
Orson Scott Card
Member # 209

posted October 24, 2006 11:21 AM
No official site is up yet.

What's to post when we don't have a script or actors or designers?

THIS and the Taleswapper site are the official sites about all things Ender.

Dont have a script? have they not accepted your script in its entirety? is it being reworked? do i have to much time on my hand [Dont Know]
Posted by Libbie (Member # 9529) on :
[ROFL] Relax, guy! I think he's been reworking drafts of the script for about six years now. It'll happen, just not super-soon.
Posted by Orson Scott Card (Member # 209) on :
"having a script" in Hollywood means "having a script that all the executives like, and the director likes, and the leading actors like, so we can schedule things and start shooting."

They have about ten scripts, with five different writers credited for various versions, if all you mean is "possess words on paper with the title 'Ender's Game.'" I am one of those writers. My latest version is the latest version being discussed.
Posted by JustAskIndiana (Member # 9268) on :
Mr. Card, since they don't yet "have a script" can you please explain what about your script they don't like? There be something they keep telling you to change or take out isn't there?
Posted by Soara (Member # 6729) on :
I don't know, what would YOU not like about EG if you were Hollywood?
Posted by Idris (Member # 9525) on :
Its probably that your script is too clever and smart and not 'hollywood' enough for them.

I dont want the Ender story ruined by a big budget low intelligence film being made.

Good luck with it though Orson im sure if its your script the film will be deep and depict the proper story.
Posted by tmservo (Member # 8552) on :
I know it's a big payday to have this made into a film, but I have to admit, if the indications on the audiobooks is true, and this is now a semi-buddy film uniting Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow, then I have a sick feeling about how the production values will turn out.

This isn't saying that from a dramatic standpoint it will work better that way - it might. But it's saying that when I look out on the Hollywood landscape of multiple child "leads" instead of a clear lead, it becomes a very tricky project to do with a lot of credibility in the process. There are films that have had several good child actors. But here, in this context, it's asking a lot to come up with not one, but two clear lead actors as children (young children) who can have both screen presence and believability.

I know people hate it when I say it, even OSC, but this may be one of those things where it would be far better envisioned in a different way.

I've read almost everyone of Card's books, and most of them would be VERY difficult to film because of the reliance on internal dialog and conflict internalized by the character. Since Card's works just aren't that dialog driven, but rather driven by the internal monologue it's hard for me to find a good way to do it.

I look at other films that have struggled with this, and I can't think of any that have effectively presented themselves in a way that both placates the fanbase as well as presents a film that is understandable. Out of all of OSC's books, EG/ES is nowhere near as filmable as say, SoTD etc. This is sheerly because the broader array of characters with more dialog makes it possible.

And that book isn't really filmable because it picks up in the middle of a story - plus a space setting such as that one would be a harder box office sell.

Don't get me wrong, I'm rooting for this to pull it out.

But count me as one of those who believes that some things are always better as a BOOK and the film can significantly damage the way people evaluate the book if it is done in a poor manner.
Posted by wild_karrde (Member # 8895) on :
Originally posted by Soara:
I don't know, what would YOU not like about EG if you were Hollywood?

LOL, I imagine that most of Hollyweird would have a problem with naked children killing each other in the shower [Dont Know]
Posted by Soara (Member # 6729) on :
Exactly. That's why it's going to be such an awesome movie...

Not so much just the naked boys in the shower, but because it'll be a movie you would have never thought could be made.
Posted by Miro (Member # 1178) on :
We can only hope.
Posted by wild_karrde (Member # 8895) on :
Actually, I don't think there'll be much of a problem with Ender killng Bonzo, but more Bonzo giving him a bear hug from behind while naked & wet. Hollywood isn't too high on that kind of stuff with adults, let alone little kids.
Posted by Orson Scott Card (Member # 209) on :
They love my script. They have loved all the scripts. Everybody in Hollywood loves everything. All writers are geniuses.

Seriously ... there's a reason why we don't post every detail of discussions of script and story. It would just make people upset - needlessly. In creating a script, you have to be able to discuss EVERY possibility that comes up, dispassionately, without people getting up in arms about ideas that will probably get dropped. Or, worse, getting up in arms about changes that will work brilliantly.

We will give you all the truthful Ender movie news, but we will never, never discuss the script except in the most general terms (i.e., Ender is in it). I am in the process to make sure that we don't change anything vital to the story; but I am also there to make sure we DO change things that won't work for the movie even if they work well in the book. I want it to be a great movie, not a photocopy of the book.
Posted by cmc (Member # 9549) on :
Wait - what? Ender is going to be in it? That's annoying. I don't even like that character.

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