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Posted by Cyronist (Member # 9691) on :
Last night, I had the weirdest dream in the world.
First, I got an email from OSC that said he wanted me to meet him and some other people at some place (can't rembmer what it was) and talk about a book on philosophy he had written. I hastely replied and said I would come.
So I had to like travel past a crocidile swamp with all these orther people who were fighting across. Then the next thing I rember was on a couch talking to OSC and some others about this book. Then my alarm clock woke me up.
Funky huh?
I just felt like shareing.

I think I need to lay off the bedtime snacks =P.
Posted by hatrkr81 (Member # 9317) on :
Read Heartfire lately? At least I think it was that one...the crocodile swamp reminded me very much of when Alvin "freezes" the river so that everyone can cross. I could be totally off here, and crocodiles may have not even been involved in that scene, like I said, it's been a LONG time since i read that series.
Posted by Cyronist (Member # 9691) on :
I have read heartfire recently... maybe thats where it came from.

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