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Posted by ladyday (Member # 1069) on :
I figured if anyone happened to know the answer to this question it would be hatrackers...I'm wondering what kind of trees were on Lusitania - or rather, what sort of trees they might resemble. Or was each one different? I know I have a certain mental image of them but I think it's very possible I've been picturing them wrong all this time :\.

I am of course perfectly capable of combing through the books on my own and wouldn't want anyone to go through any trouble but if anyone happened to remember a specific description of the trees I would be most grateful [Smile] .
Posted by Szymon (Member # 7103) on :
I never really thuoght about that. But I always imagined that they're pines;)
Posted by DDDaysh (Member # 9499) on :
Hmmm, I always saw them somewhat like tall maples...
Posted by pooka (Member # 5003) on :
Oak, the tall variety.
Posted by Hank (Member # 8916) on :
Something tall and straight. not one of those gnarley ones.
Posted by dantesparadigm (Member # 8756) on :
Tall, brownish-green, kinda tree shaped, made out of wood. Is this helping?
Posted by Occasional (Member # 5860) on :
Interesting, I always thought of them as fat and branchy; and gnarley as they carried babies. In some respects, not so much a specific tree (I wouldn't know what I just described anyway) as the typical repersentative family line ones in genealogy.
Posted by CRash (Member # 7754) on :
I was thinking deciduous, because the mothertrees bear fruit...with branches that spread really wide. Or something.
Posted by vonk (Member # 9027) on :
As far as I know, there was only one type of tree on Lusitania, because there was only one type of everything on Lusitania, because the Descolata killed everything else long long ago.

I always pictured them having long thick trunks that only have limbs towards the very top. The piggies were able to climb with both hands full, so it couldn't have been to difficult to do with just their legs, so I assume it's a straight shot up without obstacles. Also, when they ask the tree to sacrifice itself, the limbs fall off and go straight to the ground, without incident. I pictured this to mean that the limbs are large and fairly straight, without lots of smaller branches to inhibit a swift fall.

In short, I picture them as looking fairly similar to this.
Posted by hatrkr81 (Member # 9317) on :
Originally posted by vonk:

In short, I picture them as looking fairly similar to this.

Great picture! I picture pretty much the exact same thing.
Posted by Orincoro (Member # 8854) on :
Yep, I always pictured tall redwoods

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