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Posted by knightums (Member # 9982) on :
According to, OSC has 9 films in development. Books that are being made into films that is.
Other the Ender's Game does anyone know anything about these others?
Posted by Mark (Member # 6393) on :
We only wish!

Unfortunately, Ender's game is the only one being considered. OSC has said that no one's ever going to risk doing one of his works untill Ender's Game is a success.
Posted by knightums (Member # 9982) on :
so this is basically a wish list for him? seems a bit premature to list them as in development! unless he considers them in development because he is determined that they will be made into films...
Posted by docmagik (Member # 1131) on :
It's a little more than a wishlist. Taleswapper is a production company based in Los Angeles with an emphasis on feature-film development.

So they're not all in production with studios, they are all in development with a production company.

I know. It's like parking on a driveway and driving on a parkway.

This phase of the game is usually called "Development Hell," and there is often no escape. It just means people are trying to figure out how to get something made into a movie. During this phase screenplays are written, tossed, rewritten, revised, actors are "attached" and then "unattached," directors can even come and go, and studios can option rights and let options expire.

It's all called being "in development."
Posted by knightums (Member # 9982) on :
thank you for clarifying. that makes perfect sense. i will stop holding my breath.
do you know of any developments in the Ender's Game film?
Posted by Puppy (Member # 6721) on :
I know we've publically talked about the scripts I wrote for Pastwatch and Dogwalker, so I'm pretty sure those are both on the list.

Whether they go anywhere is up to the producer-types, of course ... [Smile]
Posted by ThePersonMan (Member # 9440) on :
Empire looks like it would get there before any of the others.

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