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Posted by GravityPrevails (Member # 9740) on :
I've read almost every novel Orson Scott Card has written, except for the older ones that I can't seem to find anywhere. I love his style and was wondering if there were any other authors who had a similar way of writing. I want to read other authors for variety, but I also want to read a book that I would enjoy. So if anybody has any suggestions I would really appreciate it.
Posted by hatrkr81 (Member # 9317) on :
I've read nearly everything of Card's as well and I'm a huge fan of Neil Gaiman, so you may like him. Particularly American Gods. Great book. If you liked Magic Street, you might like an author by the name of Charles de Lint...also a very good Urban Fantasy author.
Posted by vonk (Member # 9027) on :
I found Mary Doria Russell to have a very similar style and approach. Good books too. Check out Sparrow and its sequel Children of God.
Posted by GravityPrevails (Member # 9740) on :
Thanks! This is helpful / exciting to find new authors to read. I was also wondering if anybody knew an easy way to get a hold of Wyrms and the Worthing Saga or Chronicle. I can't seem to find those two anywhere.
Posted by hatrkr81 (Member # 9317) on : always works!
Posted by Craig Childs (Member # 5382) on :
Posted by striplingrz (Member # 9770) on :
My local library branch actually had Wyrms... so I'd go that route.
Posted by GravityPrevails (Member # 9740) on :
Yeah... I've checked at my local library and the major bookstores around me. I think the only option left is online sellers, which I wanted to avoid because once I decide I'm going to get something I hate waiting for it to arrive.
Posted by otterk10 (Member # 10463) on :
Do you have a Barnes and Noble near you? You can order it from there with no extra charge and it comes within a week. In fact, I just picked up a copy of The Worthing Saga yesterday.
Posted by Ingenieur (Member # 10603) on :
If you have a Half-Price Books store in your neighborhood, I would suggest it as a decent place to find some out-of-print and/or older titles. These books are generally not new, so expect some wear. I've found A Woman of Destiny (now known as Saints), various versions of the Worthing story, and some of the short story collections. A tip from an experienced shopper: check both the paperback and hardback sections - they usually have different selections of books. Good luck finding the books you want!
Posted by DDDaysh (Member # 9499) on :
All of those are good ideas, but like you, I've almost exausted Card. It was a very sad thing to realize

On the other hand, I've found some other things to read. Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series is fun. It's not up to Card standard, but it did entertain me until I ran out of those books. I'm playing around now with the "Amelia Peabody" series by Elizabeth Peters. They're technically mysteries, and they aren't really all that good, as far as books go, but because the series is SO long, there is alot of character development and stuff.

The best series I've found though is "The song of Ice and Fire" by George RR Martin. I've only read the first two so far, but intend to get the third soon. This is the closest thing to Card's talent I've found anywhere. In some ways he's even better (no offense to anyone) because he doesn't fall into the "good guy bad guy" sort of trap. There are at LEAST three sides to every battle. It's really pretty amazing.

However, if you're looking for good recomendations, I recomend you join What I do there is go to books I've read, and find people who've rated them the same as I have. Then I use the "compare ratings" link on their to compare our tastes in books. If we have an agreement of over 70% I look at what books they've given 5 stars to, and take my recomendations from there.

I've gotten a couple of duds that way, but for the most part it's been good.

Well, good luck!
Posted by pooka (Member # 5003) on :
Ooh, there are some updated links on the home page.

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