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Posted by JustAskIndiana (Member # 9268) on :
In his latest column, OSC mentioned that he was the host of Rusty Humphries's talk show for a day. Is this segment anywhere online; I would like to listen to it very much.
Posted by Brian J. Hill (Member # 5346) on :
Yes, it is online, but you have to pay...
I was curious about hearing the show as well, so I went to the show's website ( and found out there's archives available to premium members who pay $5.95 per month. I figured, what the hey, 6 bucks could buy me burger and fries, or a copy of OSC's first (and probably only) 3-hour block on national radio. So I plunked down 6 bucks, and I'm listening to OSC talking about Polar Bears. Well worth it, IMHO.
One potential problem: OSC's show was on November 13, and though the site claims shows are archived for 30 days, only the last 20 shows show up on the archive page. Since the Nov. 13 show is near the bottom of the archive page, you only have three more days to become a premium member and download the show. That's right, ONLY THREE MORE DAYS, FOR THIS ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY! BECOME A MEMBER FOR FREE ($5.95 S & H)! OPERATORS ARE STANDING BY!

[/plug for a site I'm not in any way affiliated with, nor do I intend on visiting it much]
Posted by .God (Member # 11313) on :
this is why i hate people, they are always putting the minors with no credit cards down....... I like polar bears too!!
Posted by Kent (Member # 7850) on :
Here is a link to the show (look at Nov. 13)
Posted by Nikisknight (Member # 8918) on :
Is that site copyright legal?

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