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Posted by Launchywiggin (Member # 9116) on :
I just wish he'd had more than an hour to talk. It was a great speech about so many different topics--all tying into science fiction. I really wish I had recorded it--he was very funny, had some great stories, and is so incredibly well-read and knowledgeable on so many subjects. If you ever get the chance to meet him and talk to him, DO IT. It's very different from reading his columns/books.

The Q&A after the speech revealed some juicy news about upcoming things--he told a bit about the beginning of Shadows in Flight, with Bean and the kids on the ship. He talked about his upcoming podcasts (which I was REALLY curious about)--instead of being like the Uncle Orson column, it looks like they'll be for the writers workshop. He spoke of what he is calling "the best thing I've written so far"--but I didn't catch the name. It sounded like "Mithermages". He also gave an overview of the status of the EG movie (with no real news, but it was cool to hear him talking about it first-person). He seemed to be showing ambivalence about Wolfgang Petersen as the director, but he got quite the glimmer in his eye when talking about the script he has now. Although he is officially not writing due to the strike, he was visibly excited for the status of the script--which made me giddy, too. The biggest news (and I hope I'm not leaking this too soon)--is that he's found some writers to take over and write stories in the Ender universe. We know he's not big on fanfiction--but it appears he's found some trusted authors. One of the ones I remember him mentioning was *gasp* GRAFF. Which I know lots of people have been waiting for.

Scott and Kristine are probably just leaving the Harvard book store now (VERY long line), so I'd like to say THANKS for signing my books and staying for hours and hours, thanks for coming to Boston, and it was great seeing you and Kristine again.

Also--we'd love to see you post again--true hatrackers have been keeping the trolls at bay.
Posted by Boothby171 (Member # 807) on :
I thought that Warner Brothers (and therefore Wolfgang Peterson) had lost the rights to produce the film, and were therefore no longer involved.
Posted by Synesthesia (Member # 4774) on :
I missed that.
Stupid having no money.
Posted by Launchywiggin (Member # 9116) on :
The signing was free, if you waited in line for an hour or two.

OSC was talking as if WP were still interested in making the movie. It didn't sound like he was definitely no longer involved.
Posted by Boothby171 (Member # 807) on :
Hmmm....[strokes beard]
Posted by prolixshore (Member # 4496) on :
When he spoke in Raleigh last month, he went in-depth about the movie issues. He said he was happy with the last script he had written, but that the chances of any progress being made anytime soon were almost none. Warner Brothers will not be making the movie, but for the next several years, the movie cannot be made unless the rights are purchased, something to the tune of millions of dollars at a loss to any new production company. He said the rights to any video games and comic books (things in which I am not the least interested, but seemed to interest the Q&A folks) were his once more, but not to count on anything happening on the movie front for years to come.

The only thing he mentioned about other writers was regarding comic books. He said he had plans for two comic book series, one during the Formic Wars and one covering the Ender timeline, and that while he would leave the writing to a select group of others, the overall story arch and direction would be his.


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