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Posted by Dobbie (Member # 3881) on :
Which Disney Channel regular would you cast in each role?

I nominate Billy Ray Cyrus for Stilson. He's not the right age but I think it would be quite entertaining to see him beaten to death.
Posted by Flaming Toad on a Stick (Member # 9302) on :
Posted by T:man (Member # 11614) on :
My exact reaction.
Posted by Clandestineguitarplayer (Member # 11571) on :
HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by scifibum (Member # 7625) on :
Could we have the Jonas Brothers form a toon that meets their untimely (or timely, depending on POV) demise when the teachers accidentally hand out industrial cutting lasers instead of the normal flash guns?
Posted by Orincoro (Member # 8854) on :
Hannah Montana as both Valentine and Petra, just with different accents and hair colors.

A young Gary Coleman as Bean. That's right, I went there.
Posted by PSI Teleport (Member # 5545) on :
No, I definitely think Gordo from "Lizzie McGuire" should be Bean. And Jamie Lynn Spears can be Mrs. Wiggin. She has all that mothering experience now.
Posted by AchillesHeel (Member # 11736) on :
So long as were going there, cast two of the Jonas brothers, as Stilson and Bonzo, so I can see them die.

It makes ok to say stuff like that when you put a smiley or an lol at the end right?....

Posted by LargeTuna (Member # 10512) on :
OMG we need Corbin Bleu! H could play Ender and make it have music that he sings the whole time. Training for the battle room could entirely consist of jumprope scenes; I think he was born for the roll [Big Grin] LOL
Posted by trance (Member # 6623) on :
I think perhaps what Dobbie ment is what is becoming of Terry Goodkind's "sword of truth" series. His famous book series is now becoming a seasonal television show. I think it would be wonderful to see the Enderverse have a television publication-a book a season sort of thing. In terms of who'd play Andrew Wiggin, I'd place my vote on the little guy of the show One Tree Hill. He does good at playing smart. AND ON AN UNRELATED NOTE FOR OSC: Will we see a preview for Ender in Exile?
Posted by Elmer's Glue (Member # 9313) on :
Might want to lay off the weed for a while.
Posted by Sachiko (Member # 6139) on :
Sword of Truth is a TV show?

All I want to know is, did they cast Julian Sands as Darken Rahl?

*goes Googlin'*
Posted by Sachiko (Member # 6139) on :
Sam Raimi. Right. I wonder if this means Bruce Campbell will be guest-starring at some point.
Posted by The Mister (Member # 9619) on :
Duh... the teams would be made up of characters from "Little Einsteins".

Leo: "Hi, I'm Leo. And these are my friends Annie, Quincy, June, Ender, Bean, Petra, and of course Rocket!"

Rocket: "Dingle-dingle-ding!"

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