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Posted by ColtelloMer (Member # 11779) on :
Please forgive me if this is already a topic. BUT, what happened to Advent Rising (the game that OSC helped on) i thought there was suppose to be two more? I haven't played it, hence it was for xbox and i didn't own one at the time, but i've heard both good and bad reveiws. If anyone has played it, was it any good? And was the story decent?
Posted by adfectio (Member # 11070) on :
It got pretty mixed ratings and didn't sell very well. So they pretty much decided to cancel it.

Think Too Human. It was incredibly ambitious. And mostly fell flat.

It happens sometimes.
Posted by Samprimary (Member # 8561) on :
I played it. It had a bad framerate and the dialogue was contrived. Gamespy had the best overall review of the game. It was just unpolished, both in terms of graphics and story. The most notable shortcoming was where those two elements have to seam together, as the cutscenes were often junk.

The story pretty much just ceased to interest me and I did not actually finish it. I coulda figured they would have canceled the planned trilogy.

Didn't know Card was involved in it. Huh.

Anyway, Mass Effect for PC/360 is essentially everything advent rising wanted to be and it has a better story so you might want to try that one out if you have not already.

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Posted by ColtelloMer (Member # 11779) on :
Ya, Card wrote the dialogue for the game and he may of done sometime else too, but i'm not sure
Posted by Samprimary (Member # 8561) on :
Um, ... hmm. are you sure he wrote the dialogue? I'm thinking (hoping?) he was just involved in the drafting of the story. The dialogue itself was bad.
Posted by Sterling (Member # 8096) on :
Well, they can't all be Monkey Island...
Posted by Scott R (Member # 567) on :
IIRC, he didn't write all the dialogue, nor did he have control over the story.

In any case, I enjoyed the game.

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