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Posted by digitalpowers (Member # 11853) on :
I know half the posts on this forum are things that people wish OSC would write or finish but that is not going to deter me from adding mine.

I wish OSC would write a book about the descoledores (spelling?) you know the virus people from CotM.

I wish OSC would write the story he began in Advent Rising the XBOX game. Cause it was a freaking good story and the fact that it cannot continue because of video games sales makes me sad.

I have more but I cant think of them, those two are the most pressing in my world. I just want to know, curse you sir for being so brilliant!

Posted by mr_porteiro_head (Member # 4644) on :
I wish OSC would write a book about the descoledores (spelling?) you know the virus people from CotM.
Yeah, I remember the descolador. Great news! OSC has already written three books dealing with it. SftD, X, and CotM! [Razz]
Posted by digitalpowers (Member # 11853) on :
Except those are the books he introduces them in, he actually said he intended to write a book following CotM in the audio book version of CotM that had to do with the Descolador. But I just think it would be interesting to see the characters interacting with them [Big Grin]
Posted by NeroWolf666 (Member # 11847) on :
I thought Shadows in Flight was going to go more in depth with the virus people.
Posted by digitalpowers (Member # 11853) on :
that would be sweet but sorta strange, since isnt shadows in flight about bean and his descendants?
Posted by mr_porteiro_head (Member # 4644) on :
One is a group of genetically-enhanced human geniuses doomed to slow death by gigantism.

The other is a group of people that writes pseudo-intelligent super-viruses that re-write organism's DNA.

Nope. I don't think they'll have anything to talk about.
Posted by CRash (Member # 7754) on :
Shadows in Flight is supposed to be about Bean's descendants (Bean is dead by then) meeting Ender's family - the people who will be trying to figure out the descoladores. So I think we can assume that these new aliens will play a rather large role in that book.
Posted by digitalpowers (Member # 11853) on :
oh well sweet then, 1 down next up Advent Rising
Posted by mr_porteiro_head (Member # 4644) on :
I don't think you'll get it for Christmas this year, though.
Posted by rivka (Member # 4859) on :
Posted by sylvrdragon (Member # 3332) on :
I believe that OSC mentioned somewhere that Shadows in Flight is going to be the bridge between the Ender Saga and the Shadow Saga. As such, it is likely to be set (mostly) at the time of the most recent events, including the Descoladores.
Posted by J-Put (Member # 11752) on :
If bean's children were still out there flying around, wouldn't Jane have known about it and brought them back as soon as she could teleport things? Or did she just forget with all the stuff going on, and that is how they are going to come into the new novel? Or were they traveling for over 3000 years only to find that people have already arrived where they were going through teleportation?
Posted by neo-dragon (Member # 7168) on :
Originally posted by mr_porteiro_head:
I don't think you'll get it for Christmas this year, though.

You're obviously not in on the secret: read Ender in Exile backwards and it's actually Shadows in Flight. It's literally two books in one! Really! Go check.

Although I have to admit that SiF isn't up to Card's usual standard. It's almost incoherent. [Confused]
Posted by pooka (Member # 5003) on :
That's actually a reasonable question, J-Put. Though it seems if Bean had an ansible, a lot of stuff might have gone different. Maybe they just don't have an ansible. Maybe ansibles are really bulky and they were saving all the room for their giant bodies. Maybe once Bean was dead, his children didn't feel like talking to anyone. Maybe Bean asked Jane not to tell anyone about him. Maybe its because he only played the fantasy game once. I don't know.
Posted by BigDAlcala (Member # 11915) on :
I came to this site to ask the community: What happens to Bean!? Bean was awesome, and I almost cried both at the end of Shadow of the Giant and Ender in Exile. Thank you for answering that question. I can only hope this book comes out soon!

J-Put, if I can remember correctly, it took time and a grueling process of elimination for Jane to simply locate the Descoladores' point of origin. I would think that would imply that the Descoladores are definitely not a part of Jane's network...yet.

My theory is this: The Descoladores' planet is the planet that Bean, and/or his descendants, decided to live on (or around) in order to conduct their research in genetics and alteration. I think that they are using other planets as a way to conduct their experiments; although I can't fathom how they could possibly retrieve the data from them. I assume *Bean* (said as an entity, including him and/or all his descendants, rather than simply him as a person) came across Lusitania before MinCol (or was it Starways COngress by then?) did. Maybe even the Pequeninos can be considered to be genetic descendants of Bean?

The possibilities are endless. No pressure, OSC, but PLEASE GET THAT BOOK IN MY HANDS SOON! [Razz]
Posted by Stephen Sunday (Member # 10466) on :
Nothing matters until Master Alvin. Seriously.
Posted by Pegasus (Member # 10464) on :
Originally posted by Stephen Sunday:
Nothing matters until Master Alvin. Seriously.

Posted by antronics (Member # 11894) on :
..Here's my list:

1. Book about Bean and his children.

2. Book about the DNA race at the end of Xenocide/Children of the Mind (I forget which was the last book)

3. Another Pastwatch.

4. More Ender.

5. Hivequeen--Hi Sean! =)

6. Hegemon.

7. Life of Human.

8. Jane.

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