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Posted by Oobie Binoobie (Member # 8059) on :
I don't know where else to put this, and this is not really about typographical errors in the Hidden Empire publication.

I've noticed that Kindle editions of the most recent books I've bought from Amazon have... problems. Most are easily overlooked: The third paragraph of chapter two begins with "COL O NEL BARTHOLOMEW Coleman", with the obvious problem being the way the word "colonel" has extra spaces in it. And, if there are differences in how the Torrent speeches at the start of each chapter are typeset, that detail didn't make it into the Kindle edition.

Other books I have on Kindle are more distracting. Mike Shepard's later "Kris Longknife" books use an all-caps font when the main character is talking to her computer, and in the Kindle edition those parts are just mangled up.

For what all that's worth, I suppose that if you want more perfect typesetting, you'll have to go get the hardcover edition.


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