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Posted by Stephan (Member # 7549) on :
With Ender In Exile out in paperback, I decided to read the whole saga in chronological order for the first time. I read the Mazer, Bonzo, and Hot Soup stories. Four IGMS stories all say they are included in Ender in Exile. Is it like Ender's Stocking being in War of Gifts where only parts are retold? Basically, are they worth paying for and reading them seperately? I have not read Ender in Exile yet, so I would appreciate no spoilers.
Posted by Catseye1979 (Member # 5560) on :
I think most of "The Gold Bug" is in Ender in Exile but not all of it, and I think the end of it is a slightly different perspective. I think the "Young Man with Prospects", "Ender's Homecoming", and "Ender in flight" all appear in "Ender in Exile" pretty much as is (although divided up at times in the case of Ender in Flight and The Gold Bug). As far as I know anyway.
Posted by Fremen (Member # 11984) on :
I remember Ender in Exile having some unique components, but I read it a while ago. I think your best bet is just like, getting it from the local library, which is what I did (soooooo much cheaper...)
Posted by oscfan (Member # 12170) on :
Hot Soup and Bonzo's stories aren't in Ender in Exile, and Fremen's right: you should borrow them from the library first to see if you want to buy it, 'cause nothing can compare to the original Ender/Shadow books,

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