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Posted by I Am The War Chief (Member # 9266) on :
Hello fellow Hatrackers! It has been awhile since I posted anything of length on here but I thought I would try my luck either way. Basic searches have garnered me no new information on the Ender movie front. Probably because there is none [Razz] If I am wrong on this please correct me! Has OSC stopped by to chat at all? If no I imagine that means he is hard at work on something new? Good to see many of the regulars never left and hello to all of the new faces!
Posted by docmagik (Member # 1131) on :
Actually, I believe the news is good. After they started working with Odd Lot Entertainment, I believe Card's words were he now believes the actor who is going to play has not only been born, he's actually in school.
Posted by docmagik (Member # 1131) on :
Can't remeber where I read that, though . . .
Posted by I Am The War Chief (Member # 9266) on :
lol oh really? well that sounds encouraging and it gives me new search terms!
Posted by scifibum (Member # 7625) on :
I've started to expect that we won't see this movie until a couple of different studios hit big with movies where all the human characters are realistic CGI. That'll convince OSC that it's a good option, and convince a studio to risk it. (It'll permit much better action scenes than you could get otherwise, which will help the story pass muster with committees and test screenings.)

I don't think we'll ever see the version with live actors that OSC has been trying to make.

Another thing I expect: the movie will not show the Stilson fight as written. They'll find it too difficult to redeem Ender if they show a plausibly fatal kicking-to-death by him. He'll probably use a weapon (other than the awful retcon of steel toed shoes). (I'd actually much rather see a treatment that fully confronts Ender's violence, but I don't think they can pull it off - not while preserving mass appeal which will always be a primary studio requirement. Voiceover narration sufficient to get us in his head like we are in the book would just be too clunky. It's clunky on Dexter, that's for sure, and that's just enough to keep us from loathing him enough to be fascinated by him. Ender needs to be more sympathetic.)
Posted by Rodger Brown (Member # 11476) on :
Read Aaron Johnston's section in the Authorized Ender Companion it has movie info as well as production views. I found it really interesting.
Posted by mr_porteiro_head (Member # 4644) on :
I've started to expect that we won't see this movie
Me too. [Wink]
Posted by I Am The War Chief (Member # 9266) on :
First to scifibum, thank you for a very well thought out response!
Rodger Brown, I still need to pick up a copy of the companion but this will probably get me off the couch and to my local chapters haha. Mr Porteiro Head I feel your pain! At times this site acts as an Ender movie support group for me [Razz]

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