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Posted by DDDaysh (Member # 9499) on :
Does anyone on here make alot of things like photo cards or digital scrapbooking or whatever? Is there a good software for doing this? In the past I haven't done very much, and I've always used snapfish to do whatever I had to do. Unfortunately, I'm not able to accomplish what I want with snapfish this time.

Do any of you have kids in sports? Around here for sports pictures one of the things you can order is usually called a "digimate" or something like that. It's 8x10 and usually has a picture of the team (about 5x7) at the top of the page with a smaller (about wallet) sized picture of the individual child in the bottom right hand corner.

We wanted to do something similar for our cub scout Blue and Gold dinner. A grandfather of one of the boys is an amateur photographer (meaning it's his hobby, but he's very good!) and he has offered to donate his time, skill, and camera to take the actual photos. It's printing that's the problem. While we can obviously print the individual photos just about anywhere, we want to produce something similar to the "digimate" for the kids to have. Unfortunately, Snapfish doesn't offer any layout options that accomplish this!

So, I'm looking for other options. Snapfish is the only online photo center I've ever used, but I know there are others. Does anyone have a list so I could see if they have any layouts that might suit? My other option is to create the layout offline, save the finished product as a .jpg, and then print that as an 8x10 using snapfish or similar. I'm not sure what the best program to do that would be. I don't want to spend a ton of money, but I would be willing to spend a little if needed. However, I don't want to just go around downloading random programs from the web (since that seems like a great way to end up with a virus), so I'm looking for suggestions.

Does anyone here use a program they think would work? What's it called?
Posted by Rodger Brown (Member # 11476) on :
My wife does a ton of digital scrap booking and she uses a program called MemoryMixer. She is always using it to make invitations and cards and such.

As a graphic designer I use photoshop but photoshop is pricey. You can look at photoshop essentials.

Lots of recourses for photoshop online to teach you how to use it.

If you want to try the trickier but open source (free) route you can download a program called gimp.
Posted by TomDavidson (Member # 124) on :
Grab a copy of Paint Shop Pro. Any version from X onward (X, X2, X3, etc.) will have the "Print Layout" wizard. One of the print layout options will allow you to position multiple images on the page, and then specify a background print color. You can then print the finished product to .pdf.
Posted by Mucus (Member # 9735) on :
Google's Picasa software also allows you to do collages.
Posted by DDDaysh (Member # 9499) on :
Thanks guys!

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