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Posted by panther7 (Member # 12639) on :
Mr. Card, I just wanted to share things you may find interesting and enjoyable.

If you like Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Hayao Miyazaki stuff, there are other materials that are extremely well done.

I will post one recommendation for now:
Naruto anime series, which you can watch here.


This link takes to you a general list of video sites.


A couple of comic sites:

There are thousands of different manga/manhwa/manhua out there, and some are very good.
Posted by Scott R (Member # 567) on :
I like Airbender; I can't stand Naruto.
Posted by panther7 (Member # 12639) on :
Kami No Shizuku @ mangafox

"From Aerandria Scans:

The main character of the manga, a young man called Shizuku Kanzaki, discovers the beauty of wine after his father, a famous wine critic, dies and leaves an unusual will: a description of 12 wines he considers to be the best in the world, comparing them to Jesus Christ’s disciples.

The first person to find these “disciples” will inherit the father’s wine collection, a contest that pits Shizuku against his adoptive brother, Issey Tomine, who works as a wine critic."
Posted by panther7 (Member # 12639) on :
-imo, just a fun manga to read. It's about fighters who have gourmet cells. To get stronger, they need to find and eat increasingly delicious food. The ultimate food is called the god ingredient.


"In the world where the taste and texture of food are very important there is Toriko a hunter of precious foods regularly hired by restaurants and the rich , a man with inhuman skills to capture the ferocious, evasive and rare animals to complete his ultimate dinner course and then his current accomplice a weak timid person who was inspired by toriko\'s greatness and accompanies him on all his journeys on his quest for the course of his life"

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