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Posted by DDDaysh (Member # 9499) on :
Ok, this is a sort of stupid topic, but I was rereading the Homecoming series and something caught my attention

In Earthborn, Shedemei says something along the lines of, "I can't believe my great, great, granddaughters have let themselves be shunted aside like this." I've read that line several times and I never really thought about it until this time.

It specifically mentions the Earthfall crew and talks about how Nafai had sons and they became kings, but Oykib's sons did not, and well....


Oykib was married to Nafai's oldest child, Chveya. Why didn't Chveya become Queen when her father died? Why weren't HER children the ones in line for the throne? It seems to me that it was Shedemei's own children's generation that started letting themselves be shunted aside, not just her great-great granddaughters.

Ok, enough of my weird little tirade now. I just thought that was strange.

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