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Posted by thorn969 (Member # 12736) on :
I can't find any topic anywhere discussing this, but I was stunned by how The Lost Gate had Danny take Eric back to Virginia one minute and the next, Eric is still staying with Stone.

I noticed other less glaring continuity errors, especially the repeated revelations about healing, but wanted to see if anyone else noticed these things and was bothered by them?

It seems to me that the publisher/editor failed to do their job, but also, perhaps, OSC was too rushed. Any opinions?
Posted by Willster328 (Member # 12731) on :
From what I can recall, Stone said that Eric had talked to him over the phone, answering that question.

And I think the repeated revelations about healing weren't necessarily repeated. It's all part of him learning how to be a gatemage and to what extend gates heal. I just think it was a continued experimentation.

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