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Posted by RyanBel (Member # 12874) on :
It seems like OSC does (approximately) yearly writing workshops (I assume) at SVU. But it appears you have to apply for these and be selected.

Can anyone elaborate, correct or point me toward more information on these?

Posted by Scott R (Member # 567) on :
He does a workshop, which is open to the public, until spaces are filled; and he does a Literary Boot Camp, which you have to be selected for. The workshop and the bootcamp last 1 week; the workshop is two days long; the bootcamp is that plus another 3 days, I think.

I did the workshop back in 2003, and while it was a significant financial investment at the time, it was totally, totally worth it. As in, my writing objectively improved; I was able to network with other writers which boosted my motivation to write, and which assisted me in making sales; and I learned a heck of a lot about the craft.
Posted by RyanBel (Member # 12874) on :
Thanks for the perspective, Scott. It certainly sounds like something I would like to do.

How did you know when the workshop would be? from it being posted on the website sometime in advance? Is it around the same time every year?
Posted by kacard (Member # 200) on :
Welcome RyanBel,

The dates and place of the Uncle Orson's Writing Workshop and Literary Bootcamp are always posted on Hatrack as soon as we know the date and place for the next one. No decision has been made for next year yet. Usually we make that decision by the first of the year. And it's usually held during the summer.

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