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Posted by staredecisis (Member # 13054) on :
I've finished the Ender & Shadow sagas. What OSC should I read next? I'm looking for suggestions. I'm leaning towards Maps in a Mirror, a collection of his short stories. What are your favorites?
Posted by millernumber1 (Member # 9894) on :
Enchantment! My very favorite outside of the Ender series. Sleeping Beauty - in Russia - with time travel - and religion - and awesomeness.

Lost Gate series is good too, though sadly unfinished.
Posted by DustinDopps (Member # 12640) on :
Maps in a Mirror has some great stories, but the first section can leave a bad taste in your mouth if you aren't prepared for it. Some of those stories are pretty dark. Fair warning.

I love Pastwatch. I'd suggest it.
Posted by MathTeacherGuy (Member # 13034) on :
I really enjoyed Pathfinder, though I haven't had time to read the sequel yet.

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