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Posted by LadyRaven (Member # 13272) on :
I know Shadows Alive has been in the works for a few years and OSC is working on a few other novels... But I'm so excited for this new book! Has he given any hints at a release date? [Big Grin]
Posted by Laurence Moroney (Member # 10187) on :

Please? Anything? Is it ever going to happen?
Posted by mulrich (Member # 12863) on :
There was an interview with OSSC linked on these forums a while back (I think around when the EG movie came out) that talked about Card's publishing schedule and upcoming projects. The article mentions Card's frantic writing pace slowing down so he can take better care of his health, so while I'm confident Shadows Alive will be released it might take a while (I have similar hopes for Master Alvin).

I think this is the link:

Sounds like Shadows Alive may be getting closer now that OSC's finished off his other two series. We'll see.
Posted by Kelly1101 (Member # 12562) on :
Popped back up here to check on this book.... just finished a re-read of all Ender and Shadow books, and Shadows in Flight is so frustratingly short.

Hope this one is being worked on...
Posted by GokouZWAR (Member # 13575) on :
Bump, i'm also interested to know if this is still being worked on and any idea of release dates?
Posted by Clockworkske (Member # 13224) on :
BYU Radio - Top of Mind (with Julie Rose) - 29th of September 2017 - Full episode:

Episode (Rohingya, Orson Scott Card's "Extinct", PBS Vietnam War - Originally aired: Sep 29, 2017)

Part Extinct:

Orson Scott Card's "Extinct"

and skipping to 18:45 :

"... and I'm working on the novel versions [of Extinct] as well and so as we read them ..."

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