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Posted by Craig Childs (Member # 5382) on :
Just watched episode 1. Not bad.

I had a hard time getting over the slow pace and low-budget special effects, but the story was intriguing

Plus, my kids loved it. Especially my 11 year old daughter.
Posted by tertiaryadjunct (Member # 12989) on :
I’m a few episodes in. I could care less about sfx (I mean, I can put up with Babylon 5) but so far it seems very derivative of Falling Skies (alien invasion in which both the apparent invader race and now humans are taken over and controlled by symbionts) and maybe Halo (Guilty Spark, along with the primary alien fighter ship design being a grungy-looking Banshee). But there’s nothing new under the sun - Halo didn’t come up with alien-drone-that-guides-the-character either - and if it’s used to say something new or interesting, that’s all that matters. As you say this is pretty slow-paced and even by episode 3 not a lot has happened so it’s hard to tell yet.

A few minutes into the first episode they make it very clear the black guy is the one who can’t swim. I really really hope that was setup for some necessary future plot point and not... anything else.

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