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Posted by kirsten.j (Member # 13595) on :
Is OSC no longer writing World Watch? It hasn't updated since 2014. Even though I've only recently joined Hatrack, I used to read WW all the time. Now I find myself repeatedly wondering what OSC would think about stuff that's happening!
Posted by scifibum (Member # 7625) on :
Yeah, he stopped. I think the paper he was writing for (for first publication, before he put them up on went out of business. It came back, but without that column.

I think the reasons he didn't keep writing the column independently probably include:

1) He lost the battles he was trying to fight.
2) He recognized that he was hurting his brand.
3) He's using his "Uncle Orson" column as an outlet for his thoughts, at lower stakes and lower effort.

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